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5 Expert Ways to Find Great Candidates for Management Positions

5 Expert Ways to Find Great Candidates for Management PositionsHiring from within seems appealing to many companies, but is often not the best solution when filling management positions despite familiarity or tenure. A company must challenge their business models to grow. In order to do this effectively, management should be the appropriate fit to support the organization. This is true regardless of whether the candidate is internal or external. Finding the right candidate for a managerial role can be tricky. Here are five tips for finding the best candidates when hiring for management positions Use an Informal platzdeckchenting For Interviews If your company is looking to grow, at a certain point, theres only so much you can build from within. You may think you have the most amazing company ever, but theres a much wider pool from outside your front door more applicants, more education, and more opportunity. Ignoring outsiders when filling a management position is silly. Outsiders ca n bring an expanse of ideas and creativity that is difficult for you to see from someone internally.The best way to get to know someone Ive always felt is over lunch. Its far easier to get to know their true personality in an informal environment. Even though they probably wont let their guard down completely, weve come to understand we can get a better picture of a candidate and how they will fit with an interview over appetizers, rather than a board room table.Flynn Zaiger, Founder and CEO of Online OptimismThe best way to get to know a candidate is over lunch. FlynnZaigerClick To Tweet Make Assessments to Gauge Compatibility for Management PositionsEvery position should be filled with the most qualified individual. If the board or management gruppe doesnt have 100 percent confidence that a successor is ready to step up, then looking outside is essential.The new manager must be prepared to align the company with where the market is going, not where it has been. Often times, an i nsider is expected to stay the course at a time when change is necessary. Whereas, an outsider brings in a fresh perspective and is not tainted with a mental map about how things are done around here. In this scenario, an outsider may be the better choice when significant change is required.The success of any employee is based on skill fit, kollektiv fit, and culture fit. Most managers and companies still hire on skill, but fire on attitude and company culture misfit. Team and cultural fit are soft skills. If the culture wont support an individuals personal values (e.g. opportunity, money, learning, community values, etc.) then dissatisfaction and/or disengagement is likely. Ira S Wolfe, is the President of Success Performance Solutions, Author and TEDx SpeakerMost managers and companies hire on skill, but fire on attitude and company culture misfit. HireAuthorityClick To Tweet Define a Fluent Culture Tone An individual may be amazing at the work they are doing in their current role , but that in no way means they have what it takes to be an efficient and effective manager. When the current kollektiv members dont have the right qualities, looking outside for management becomes necessary.Set the tone of the interview to match the tone of the culture. If it is a laidback culture, have a laidback conversational interview. If it is a more fast-paced, high-pressure culture, button up the interview and ask tough questions. You want to gauge how they feel and react to the tone of the interview to see if they fit. You may also want to bring in people from the kollektiv (or even from other teams who understand the core and tone of the culture) whose main focus is trying to figure out if they are a culture fit. NFor example an outside candidate showed in the interview they understood the balance of being an advocate for the company while being an advocate for the team. They expressed wanting to push the team to be better as a whole, as well as individuals, while still ac cepting open and honest feedback. The staff welcomed their new ideas and provided feedback. Change was initiated over time. We purposefully held back some changes and adjustments until we felt team trust and understanding was gained. Mollie Delp, is an HR specialist at Workshop Digital. Set the tone of the interview to match the tone of the culture. Mo_MillieDClick To Tweet Focus on Work Ethic and Cultural FitCompanies put their desired culture at risk with every hire. Culture fit is of vital importance for all hires, but particularly so for management positions.Companies need to know what their desired culture is. What is your organizations servant purpose, beyond making widgets or money? Who are you serving, and to what end? How does your product or service improve your customers quality of life? Of equal importance, what are your desired values, and what behaviors ensure that your values are demonstrated by every player?Only with those pieces formally defined, can you effectively engage a management candidate to gauge their culture fit. Spend less time on the candidates past accomplishments and skills. Those are important, but trainable where needed. Spend the most time on their work ethic and how they treat others in the workplace during interviews.Engage the candidate in values and what if discussions so you learn how they operate in the workplace. If one of your values is integrity, present a scenario where this persons team is at risk of missing a critical deadline theyve committed to. Ask what theyd do to keep the team on track. Inquire how theyve dealt with this issue in the past, and how theyd inspire team members to meet the deadline while demonstrating desired valued behaviors.This approach will help ensure youve got the right player, with the right skills and values for the management role.Chris Edmonds, is the best-selling author of The Culture EngineSpend less time on past accomplishments and skills, focus on cultural fit. scedmondsClick To Twee t Evaluate Values in Unexpected Environments Most companys erroneously think their top performers could take on management positions, when in fact, a manager is a coach who gets things done efficiently and effectively through others. The company must go outside unless there is an internal person who can cross over the line and become capable of holding his/her peers accountable.The company must first know its own core values, the story behind each of them, and encourage everyone to live them once this happens, they can effectively assess the candidate. Pay the candidate to come in for a few days and work with team members and assess accordingly. Take them out for lunch and observe their manners and respect for servers. Set it up so the waiter brings the wrong order, and see how the applicant handles the situation. A great manager (manacoach) puts others needs first. Think up situations where this can be tested, and use environments where they would not know they were being assessed. Kevin G. Armstrong, author of The Miracle Manager, business coach.A great manager (manacoach) puts others needs first. kevingarmClick To Tweet

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Women keep women in engineering, study shows

Women keep women in engineering, study showsWomen keep women in engineering, study showsEngineers build the infrastructure to everything we use but there are still not enough women pursuing this important career- a 2012 government report found that only 14% of U.S. engineers are women.But a new study has found that a female mentor can make all the differencefor keeping women in engineering.A 2017 University of Massachusetts-Amherst studyfound that female engineering students who had a fellow female engineering student as a peer mentor became mora motivated, more confident, felt increased senses of belonging and were less likely to drop out of their engineering courses.This is especially significant because 40% of women engineers quit the field or never use their degree.Female peer mentors increase retentionIn a multiyear field experiment, researchers recruited 150 female engineering students and randomly gave them a female mentor, a male mentor, or no mentor.The students would meet o nce a month with their mentors to discuss homework, careers, and everyday academic problems.That one-on-one time made a difference. The first-year femalestudentswithout mentors were more likely to consider switchingtheir major out of the engineering field.Female students with mentors were more likely than other groups to want to pursue engineering after college.100% of the women paired withfemale mentors stayedin engineering - compared with 82% of female students with male mentors and 89% of those who didnt have mentors.The study is yet another refutation of the widely discredited Queen Bee theory that suggests that more experienced women push down younger women. Several studies, including this one, demonstrate the opposite that women can create powerful networks for each other.Mentors preserve your self-confidenceStudents with female mentors maintained their belief that they possessed the skills to overcome academic difficulties. Meanwhile, students with male mentors or no mentors were more likely to feel increasingly anxious and overwhelmed in their first year.Its not that having a female mentor increased belonging or confidence- it just preserved it, researcher Nilanjana Dasgupta said.Researchers found that grades didnt affect students commitment to engineering, but their sense of belonging and confidence did. Although female students with male mentors had slightly more stable grade point averages than other groups, that didnt translate to wanting to stay in engineering.That makes sense. You can be a high-performing academic achiever, but it wont matter if you dont believe in yourself.That self-confidence was most seen with female mentees who had supportive role modelswho looked like them. Although mentees reported admiring both their male and female mentors, women mentees felt somewhat closer and more similar to female mentors than male mentors, the study said.As the Dasgupta told The Atlantic, you can be whatyou cant see. She believes that our ability al one doesnt determine whether we stay in or leave a field. Its ability mixed in that feeling that these are your people, this is where you belong.And for young women, thats what a female mentor can give you in a critical point in your early career a future that you can see because shes right in front of you.

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10 Things to Do Instead of Giving Up

10 Things to Do Instead of Giving Up10 Things to Do Instead of Giving UpEveryone has down times, self-doubts, and we all have felt like giving up on something from time-to-time, but if these feelings last longer than a few days especially if you have suffered a recent hardship, loss, or other stressful situation call a therapist and seek professional help.Feelings of mental fatigue, sadness, guilt, or other negative emotions and thoughts for more than a few days may be signs of depression. Depression does not mean simply feeling sad it can also mean self-doubt, feeling powerless, and like nothing will ever change, and is a serious condition that should be evaluated and treated only by a licensed medical professional. 01Are You Thirsty or Dehydrated? GraphicStockOftentimes we give up on goals that involve our own best interests long before we quit on things that benefit other people. Self-sacrifice is only noble to a point. If you are putting your needs below those of others because you feel unworthy that is not self-sacrifice for noble reasons it is forfeiting your own needs based on low self-esteem.If you suffer from low self-esteem it is important that you surround yourself with positive people and not those who put you down or devalue you or your ideas.If you are feeling isolated or lacking purpose, volunteer to help with a favorite cause. You will meet new people, feel connected to something important, and feel good for being a volunteer making a difference

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Get Noticed With Our IT Support Technician Resume Template for Word

Get Noticed With Our IT Support Technician Resume Template for stimmtGet Noticed With Our IT Support Technician Resume Template for WordIntroductionLooking to stand out among the crowd? In the internet technology industry, a great resume can be the difference between getting an interview and having your application discarded unread. Show hiring managers and recruiters that youre the one to hire with an impressive document that includes everything in our IT support technician resume template for Word. Together with our writing tips for your summary statement, skills list, work history, and education section, this model can maximize your chances of landing the job.IT Support Technician Resume Template for Word Jamie FergusonOakdale, MA 11111E jfergusonanymail T 555 Dedicated support technician with 12 years professional experience Expert proficiency across all platforms with advanced knowledge of network and IT configuration, setup, and maintenance Effective communicator with a passio n for supporting end users, clients, small businesses, and corporations in their network needsPerfect Your Skills SectionIn the skills section, you list your top skills in easyAssociate of Science, Information Technology 2009San Jose State UniversityCertificationsMicrosoft Certified Solutions Associate 2015Cisco Certified Network Associate 2014

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Four Must Haves for a Strong Cover Letter

Four Must Haves for a Strong Cover LetterFour Must Haves for a Strong Cover LetterAs a leading cover letter writing service, ResumeSpice has seen firsthand how a strong cover letter can set a candidate apart. A strong cover letter includes a few key essentialsThe hiring managers name.Dont write the letter To Whom It May Concern. Instead, address it directly to the hiring manager (double check that youve spelled their name correctly). If the name isnt included in the job description, you should still be able to find it online or with a quick call to the company. When you make this extra effort and the letter is actually addressed to the specific hiring manager its going to stand out relative to all the other letters with generic salutations.A focus on the employer.Many job candidates make the mistake of rehashing their resume details in their cover letters. Dont make that mistake. Your letter should be about the value you can offer the company, not about regurgitating your backgroun d information. Placing yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager, review the job description again. Read through the company website. And then ask yourself what the hiring manager needs for the person in this role to be successful. Make a list and use it as a guide as youre writing your cover letter.Enthusiasm.When you submit a cover letter that sounds like you copied and pasted it from the web, its not going to get the attention of the hiring manager. Instead, cut through the clutter with a little enthusiasm. That doesnt mean you need to profess your love for the company. It does, however, mean explaining what excites you most about the position.Accomplishments. A cover letter is not the distributions-mix to simply state that youre qualified for a position. Use the opportunity to demonstrate that youre more qualified than other candidates. Offer one or two specific examples of past accomplishments that are most relevant to the job opening. These should showcase your proven track record and make your more memorable when the hiring manager is evaluating candidates to potentially interview.For many job candidates, writing a cover letter can be a struggle. If thats true for you, let the cover letter writing experts at ResumeSpice help. We can work with you to best describe what makes you uniquely qualified for a particular role, all so you can stand out from the crowd and secure an interview. Call 832.930.7378 today to learn more.

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Technical Internships in Renewable Energy

Technical Internships in Renewable Energy Technical Internships in Renewable Energy Paid and unpaid engineering internships can be helpful at many stages of a career. Most internships are geared towards undergraduate, graduate, or MBA students, but many technical internships also accept technically focused people with relevant educational background.Even if the work is unpaid, there are several important reasons to consider an internship to obtain experience working in different environments before graduating, to get to know the feel of a company or agency before accepting a job there, and to make contacts that may be helpful throughout your career.Locating an internship isnt as difficult as applying to a university, seeking scholarships, or finding a permanent job, as many groups are eager to work with bright, motivated people in their field in the current economy.Searching online with specific terms helps locate relevant internship programs, but your best approach is to network and ask people you already know. Now is the time to submit applications for summer 2011, with most application deadlines in the first quarter. Here are several ways to locate programs, and a few avenues to consider.ansprechbar SearchesSearch individual company websites for internship opportunities, as most are listed on company job search pages and contain a category for internships. Large companies offer more opportunities than small companies, and are more likely to have formal internship programs.Johnson ControlsSunPower InternshipsSearch job boards, such as or using keywords renewable internship or solar internship.You May Be Surprised Who You Already KnowProfessors and your school guidance counselor or career department can help point you towards specific companies with programs, in your home town or the same town as your school. Ask representatives at engineering career fairs about internships.Friends who may have worked in an internship previously or a re employed in a similar field can point you towards (or recommend you steer away from) their companies and older students in groups or clubs you participate in may also have recommendations.Another form of networking is through online resources like LinkedIn. Create a LinkedIn profile and join up to 50 groups early in your professional career it can be useful for locating internship programs. It is free to contact anyone within your network or in the groups you join. There are hundreds of renewable energy groups available and many of them post jobs or discussions about internships. You can also rumliche lage quick questions to groups, for example Is anyone working in Polysilicon for PV solar cells offering summer internships this year? The shorter the question, the more likely you are to get replies.Also ConsiderNational laboratories and government agencies have many undergraduate and graduate engineering internship programs for technology development related to renewables. Even if there arent specific programs tailored for renewable energy, consult the sponsoring agency to see if researchers in your field of interest participate. Non-profit agencies are very likely to offer technical internship programs as well.U.S. Department of Energy Scholars Program and other internshipsNREL Research Internship ProgramNREL Science Internship ProgramsFraunhoferLANL InternshipsLLNL InternshipsSandia InternshipsARL Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate InternshipsDebbie Sniderman is CEO of VI Ventures LLC, a technical consulting company.Locating an internship isnt as difficult as applying to a university, seeking scholarships, or finding a permanent job, as many groups are eager to work with bright, motivated people in their field.

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What the Experts Are Not Saying About What Is Objective on a Resume and How It Affects You

What the Experts Are Not Saying About What Is Objective on a Resume and How It Affects You You ought to be able to compose a convincing cover letter in a couple of brief paragraphs. If youre going to compose an objective statement, it should be specific. You ought to have five objective statements. Excellent thesis statement for expository essay So, whenever you are sitting down to compose an essay, you will need to leid forget that you must express your personality there. If you wish to submit an application for a part-time position at a retail shop, utilize the subsequent objective examples as a guide that will help you create one that is suitable for you. When youre writing a warehouse resume, here are a few important guidelines that you need to follow. In lots of ways, an objective replaces a lot of the detail you would tischset in your professional experience section. Therefore, it should be prominently situated in the top third of the page. There are a few professio ns like finance or healthcare where specific certifications or degrees are important to getting the job. Whenever you would like to emphasize that youre ambitious, that you understand what you want in a career, or you have the skills for the particular job, you could benefit from a resume objective. As stated previously have to choose skills that have some relevance to the job which youre applying for. A fundamental element of every work application is education. After writing your own personal info, you must include in the qualifications section of your resume if youre a degree holder and if you could experience employed as a sales associate particularly on the tasks which are going to be assigned to you. To learn more on what it requires to be a Stock Associate, have a look at our complete Stock Associate Job Description. To begin with, examine the job description to see whether it indicates the kind of skills the provider is seeking. The absolute most prosperous resumes con centrate on specific position-related abilities, relevant regions of expertise, quantifiable accomplishments, and professional certifications. What Is Objective on a Resume - the Conspiracy Instead, companies will be searching for more specific expertise and advertising and marketing specialists. If you do not have a particular experience, emphasize on your previous positions that showcase your attention and dependability. Everyone has desirable abilities and experiences to provide employers including you Saying you would like to be part of a thriving company, where it is possible to utilize your abilities and abilities, does not say anything. The more you are able to create interest all around your work experience, the better. If you are searching for a career in management, you almost certainly have years of qualified experience under your belt. Employers like to realize that you have work experience of some sort, at least. If you have many years of experience, you might need to place education below that. What Is Objective on a Resume for Dummies Being a thriving nanny demands the capability to fulfill any need the youngster may have. Ultimately, a resume distribution service may greatly boost the chance that you will get the position youve been dreaming about. Evidently, somebody with no former experience, or trying to find a work switch, needs to rely on general traits and goals than any past experience. Fortunately, in the era of the web, there are a few high-tech solutions to the issue of ensuring your resume gets in the hands of a person who is searching for someone of your qualifications. One of the risks of a resume objective is that it is possible to focus too much on what you would like in your career, and not enough on how youll add value to the corporation. Recognizing that government agencies utilize the ATS is merely step one. Thorough and robust hintergrund screening of workers, both existing and prospective, is an important p re-requisite for virtually any company. Finally, stating an objective is optional, but it might help convince employers that you understand what you need and know of the business. Cabin crew are primarily accountable for the security of their passengers. Whether you have experience in your typical day-to-day job or you must be a bit more creative make sure you demonstrate how truly great youre at delivering exceptional customer service to each customer, daily. You should be in a position to communicate with a multi-national team and passengers from the other side of the globe. You can request the assistance of a friend or relative. As soon as its essential for your resume to incorporate a very clear career goal, you dont need to convey it through an Objective section. A resume objective might also have where you are, and where you would like to go in your career. As a result, while your resume objective should incorporate information on the career which you want, you also w ish to spell out why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Writing a winning college student career objective is a fairly effortless approach to bolster your application for this internship or job youve got in sight. What the In-Crowd Wont Tell You About What Is Objective on a Resume In a nutshell, the above are a few of the tips we find helpful in preparing a fantastic MA resume. Sample Warehouse Associate Resume Objectives Its always a great idea to incorporate the name of the organization you wish to work for in your resume objective. Writing a resume is simple enough, but it does take some time and planning. You will need to have some simple info and a couple dates. Every working professional has produced a resume for their very first job sooner or later. Another similar profession to think about is truck driver. My aim is to find the job. If you are going to shift from 1 industry to another or from 1 job specification to another job position, then your resume obj ective has to be flexible, especially if you are going to be considered for an entry-level position by the company in which you have applied. The 5-Minute Rule for What Is Objective on a Resume If you know a prospective employer will want to realize that you have the proper credentials before considering your other experience, place your education at the very top of the webpage just below your contact info and skilled summary. The internal postings will usually need an application process which also includes submitting a resume. Write the sole information that is related to the position youre applying. You dont need to choose a single objective which you use for each and every application. What Is Objective on a Resume - Is it a Scam? Writing objectives for resumes can be challenging. If you decide to go with a paragraph narrative, then your creative writing skills will need to be strong. If youre getting prepared to get started writing your skills information, you might wo nder where you should begin. If youre unsure how to phrase your skills, or in case you would like examples of objective statements, check out some job websites for ideas.